The biggest threat to Business Owners who delegate tasks

Pretty woman with open signOne of my best friends growing up was the son of a business owner. His dad had money stolen from him, little by little, every day for years by a trusted employee. The stolen money was supposed to be set aside to pay taxes. Eventually, the Federal and State tax agencies walked through the door demanding payment. The dishonest employee was punished from a criminal perspective, but guess what…the business owner still owed the taxes!

There is no such thing as a sob story when it comes to the IRS or any state tax agency. Whomever owes the taxes due is 100% responsible for paying regardless of the circumstances.

The Solution
Hire a Board Certified Tax Attorney like Jeffrey Kahn from to ‘oversee’ your tax transactions. I have given Jeff Power of Attorney over my taxes (full disclosure) and here’s why… He can now stick his nose in the picture periodically and make sure nobody is screwing anything up! As business owners, we’re trained to delegate tasks, especially administrative tasks like accounting, making deposits, etc. However, we are 100% liable for the mistakes made in the tax arena, so we need to be careful.

Of course, if you IRS tax help or owe taxes already, call Board Certified Tax Attorney Jeff Kahn right away at 866.494.6829. If you want to create a fail-safe or an “insurance policy” against potential tax fraud that YOU could be liable for, he can help with that as well and I highly recommend it.

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