Need another reason to hate Bank of America? Here you go…

bank of america intern that diedA 21 year old intern for Bank of American in London recently died after working for 3 straight days. The labor laws are different overseas than they are here, but come on… This is slavery! They don’t pay this kid and have him working 24 hour shifts! Who in their right mind would think this is OK??? There is no chance he is the only one they have treated this way. I’m sure there are dozens or maybe hundreds more. Read the full story here: BofA inter dies after working 3 straight days.

The question you have to ask yourself is this… Do you want to be doing business with a company like this? A company that has something horrible in the news every day that questions their character and morality? There are plenty of banks and credit unions to choose from, so please, pretty please, don’t do business with the Evil Empire.

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Highlights from today’s show:
San Diego real estate agent and East County Expert, Kyle Whissel tells us about the 3 new developments in East County and how people can take advantage of buying new construction in today’s market. Contact Kyle with questions at 858.699.3895

– Almost 72,000 gallons of nuclear-contaminated liquid waste have been pouring into the Pacific Ocean since the Tsunami in Japan. Might be time to buy a Geiger counter. Full article: Radio Active leak in Japan can not be stopped.

– Why do errors exist on most people’s credit reports? Why are most Credit Repair services a SCAM? We discuss this and more with Credit Repair Mike, our local source for Credit Repair in San Diego. Call Mike with questions at 619.734.9454

– FHA issues new guidelines to help people purchase homes that would not otherwise qualify due to a major “credit event” during the financial crisis. There are stipulations of course… Our Mortgage Expert, Jon Jerotz, was able to shed some light. Call Jon with questions at 760.522.2298

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