Social Media has now grown TOO powerful for the Stock Market

twitter-logo-birdIf you aren’t a believer in the power of Twitter yet, I’ll change your mind in just a few minutes. Yesterday, Carl Icahn, who is truly an “icon” in the world of investing, sent a couple of tweets that generated almost $23,000,000,000 of wealth in less than 24 hours. Icahn is known for being a straight-shooter and very opinionated in the media world.

Check out these tweets…



Tweet #1
Carl Icahn Tweet 1




Tweet #2
Carl Icahn Tweet 2





Within 24 hours of these tweets, the value Apple, Inc. (AAPL) increased by $23 Billion. I don’t think people realize how scary this is… Remember back on April 23rd when I wrote this article: Today’s Twitter incident shows you just how fragile the Stock Market really is… – This was the down-side to the power of social media. We lost 100 points in the Dow Jones in a couple seconds from a Tweet that wasn’t even REAL. It’s easy to look at what happened with Icahn and say it’s a good thing, especially if you own Apple or like the company. But, what if he’d said the opposite?

I’m not sure exactly what is needed here, but if the markets are that fragile and/or Twitter that powerful, then we all should be seriously concerned. No one should be able to create $23,000,000,000 with a Tweet or worse yet, take it away.

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