U.S. State Department: Serious Terror Threat

terror threat in usNearly two dozen US Embassies and Consulates were closed over the weekend due to fear of a “large scale” terror attack. Members of Congress briefed on the intelligence said basically the same thing… this chatter is all too similar to the days and weeks leading up to 9/11. Scary stuff.

The warning states that Al Queda is planning attacks in August and they believe it to be somewhere in the Middle East or North Africa. The State Department has informed Americans traveling to these ares to use extreme caution.

On the heels of what happened in the Edward Snowden case, the whistle-blower on the NSA and its capabilities earlier this year, it’s the same technology he was ‘warning’ us about which ‘invaded our privacy’ that has helped to identify this threat. I can only assume it will bring the discussion to the table again as to how much of our personal information should be accessed by Big Brother…

Read the full article here: Terror Threat feels like 9/11 all over again

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CBS vs. Time Warner…Admit it, you need each other. If you don’t come to a solution soon, you both lose. This is an example of how greed will ultimately push people in a better direction. The free market works. Let these guys be greedy and let them lose customers to other service providers. I love it! Read the full story here: CBS battles with Time Warner.

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