How to get your offer accepted in a competitive San Diego real estate market

san diego realtorFriday’s guest on the Mr Credit Radio show was Sarah Davis, a San Diego real estate agent from Sarah explained her 3-Step method to help homeowners get an offer accepted in this competitive San Diego real estate market

Step 1Use a cover letter. Show the homeowner to WHOM they will be selling the house. Use the cover letter as a way to create an emotional connection with the seller and their agent. Putting a face to a name can really help further the dialogue and show them you are serious. A brief explanation of why this is the perfect house for your family within that cover letter can go a long way.

Step 2Keep it clean. Don’t ask for a bunch of little things or “nickel-and-dime” the seller. This will make you look high-maintenance and in this competitive San Diego real estate market, it will land your offer in the trash. Make your best and final offer first with as little extra requests as possible. This will help keep your offer at the top of the stack and give you a legitimate shot to get the property.

Step 3Do not waive inspections or contingencies. These are too important to waive and unfortunately, many homebuyers in San Diego have resulted to removing contingencies in order to have a “strong” offer. It’s a bad idea. You still have to know what you’re buying and have plenty of time to ensure you didn’t make a mistake. If there is one thing to avoid doing while trying to be aggressive with your offer, this is it.

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