Survey: Working adults fear this more than death

Overcoming-fear3Sun Life’s Financial survey titled “Well-Placed Fears: Workers’ Perceptions of a Critical Illness” discovered something intriguing. The vast majority of adult workers have a much greater fear of permanent illness than they do of…well, death.  This is pretty logical in principle, but the more staggering issue is how little people do to combat their fears and ultimately avoid what they fear the most!

For me, it’s the Ocean. One near-death experience is all I needed. I’m done with it. Of course, with the Ocean, I have that choice. However, the most dangerous thing Americans do on a regular basis can’t completely be avoided for most…driving a car. Motor vehicle accidents will happen on average once every 10 years, even if you’re the best driver on the planet. 1 in 20 of those accidents will result in a serious injury. Isn’t that nuts? Check it out here: Driving Statistics that blow your mind – Drive Safely.

Of course, there are a lot more ways than driving a car to cause yourself serious injury, but the point is, the risk is unavoidable! This is one of the major reasons I created The Life Plan, a step by step guide to peace of mind. The Life Plan provides you with all the steps you need to gain complete control over your life, your estate, retirement and providing for your family under any circumstances. If you prepare for the worst case scenario, then the worst case scenario can’t happen because the worst case scenario is if you’re not prepared!

Highlights from today’s Mr Credit Radio show below…
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– An Associated Press survey showed that 9/10 adults are “struggling” with poverty in the US. I just can’t believe this mentality has been allowed to exist in this Country. If you’re willing to work hard, I guarantee you success in this country. PERIOD. Even people who aren’t that bright are successful in every industry you can imagine. How did they get there? Working hard. It will make up for a lot of other short-comings a person might have. This survey makes me sick. Check it out for yourself: AP Survey shows US Adults struggle with Poverty. Puke.

– Should our Country be run by businessmen instead of Lawyers like it is today? Check out this story and especially watch the video of John Paul DeJoria being interviewed on CNBC. It’s worth a watch: DeJoria says we need a Businessman in the White House.

– My Financial Planner in San Diego, Dan Osgood discusses step 1 and step 2 of The Life Plan. His goal in the first steps is to have you mapping out exactly what you want your life to look like. He also talks about how consumers can use the Free Investment Audit he offers to find the kinks in your portfolio. If you want to talk with Dan, call him directly at 888.710.4911

– My personal Attorney, Jarod Cauzza from Neil-Dymott talks about step 3 of The Life Plan, a step we call “Put it in Writing”. He offers some insight into what most people forget to consider within their financial lives and how to best protect what you’ve worked so hard to obtain. Call Jarod for a free consultation at 619.238.1712 if you have questions and mention Mr Credit.

– Bekah Stone joined me in hour 2 today where we basically spent 60 minutes bashing the banks. It’s just insane what they get away with, but Bekah told some war stories today that will make you proud. She doesn’t lose battles with the banks, which is why I recommend her as a bank negotiator in San Diego.

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