Boston Bomber makes the cover of Rolling Stone

Boston Bomber rolling stone coverRolling Stone recently released the cover of it’s Aug 3rd issue. Considering they chose to highlight a terrorist on the cover, you can imagine the backlash. My first assignment in Journalism class back in high school was to cover the Columbine shootings. At that time, we really didn’t know how to deal with such a tragic event. By now, I feel like we, as a nation, should know better. I completely understand the business of journalism. It’s not always about being liked, it’s about being “talked about”. But is there no shame at all in grasping that dollar these days? Have we been whittled all the way down to profiting from the suffering of others?

Personally, I think it’s pathetic that such a well-known brand name has so little class. Two things you should really see:
Aug 3rd Cover of Rolling Stone
– Letter from the Mayor of Boston to the publisher at Rolling Stone

Other highlights from today’s Mr Credit Radio show:

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On-Air Expert today was Alexi Rabay with Rabay Realty in San Diego.

Listen to the podcast here: Mr Credit 7-22-13 Full Show

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