The easiest credit report to fix…

credit repair serviceThe easiest credit report to repair is the one with old, negative items. Right now is a great time to have successful credit repair if you got hurt in the down economy a few years back, but were otherwise right on track. Negative marks on your credit report will become less impactful as time goes on, but they still have an effect on your credit score. The good news is, as time goes on, they become more and more likely to be removed with full-service credit repair.

If you’d like to see some evidence of success with this program, go to or call 1.800.525.1349 and ask for Credit Repair Mike. He can show you actual results recently achieved with his full service credit repair program.

Highlights from today’s Mr Credit Radio program…

San Diego Realtor, Neil Libin, a Renovation Specialist, shared his secrets to success with fixing and flipping in San Diego. He also shared a strategy for new home buyers to fix and hold along with how you could also fix and rent successfully. He was an amazing guest.

Credit Repair Mike discussed his credit repair program and how the process works along with the money-back guarantee and flat-fee service. We also touched on how a Short Sale is better for your credit score than a Foreclosure.

– There was a story in the Yahoo Daily Ticker about the low number of housing starts being a bad sign for real estate, but I totally disagree! If there are too few houses being built, all that will do is cause home values to go up even higher. Right? Real the full article here.

– 3 properties in Downtown San Diego sold for $142,000,000, which sounds like a lot, but did they get a good deal? I think it could have sold for double that if the seller had been patient. Real the full article here.

Today’s Mr Credit Radio Show podcast: Mr Credit 7-17-13 Full Show


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