The Doctor is not GOD – Patients have rights

Q_BlackCan you name an organization dedicated to promoting Patient Rights? I thought they didn’t exist until I met Brian Murphy from The Quin Murphy Foundation. Brian experienced the unnecessary loss of his 16 year old son Quin Murphy in January of 2010. This tragedy caused him to spend countless hours trying to figure out if anything could have been handled differently.

As a result of his research, he found a number of empowering things about Patient Rights, which most of us have no clue about. Brian then made it his mission to honor his son by spreading the word about Patient Rights throughout the community. He hopes to save another family from experiencing something similar to his personal loss. Brian does this through the non-profit Quin Murphy Foundation, named after his late son Quin. The Foundation also raises money and gives scholarships to high school students in Quin’s name.

Today on the show, we discussed 2 important Patient Rights that everyone should know:

#1 – You have the right to file a complaint and ask for an independent medical review. Most of us feel totally helpless when we’re at the Doctor’s office. We are fully trusting the Doc knows what they’re doing. We don’t have the education or experience to second-guess anything they say or do. BUT, we do have the opportunity to trust our “gut” feeling. At any point, if you don’t feel you are being treated correctly or you think a loved one is at risk due to inadequate care, all you have to do is file a formal complaint and ask for an independent review. This gives you the chance to have another Doctor review the case and see if anything could be done differently about the treatment your loved one is receiving.

#2 – You have the right to see your medical records. You can actually get a copy of your medical records upon request at any time. They may charge you a fee to retrieve and deliver them, but it’s not significant. You also have a right to see the notes that any Doctor has made on your chart as well. The best thing you can do when entering a facility for any treatment is make everyone aware that you will be requesting a detailed transcript of everything that takes place. This is great from a preventative stance, but also sets the precedent that you will be asking for documents all along the way, so they can EXPECT it.

Find the full list of Patient Rights by clicking here.  We are learning every day about new Patient Rights, so keep this link for future reference as well.

Today’s Mr. Credit Radio Show podcast: Mr Credit 7-12-13 Full Show

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