Step 1 of “The Life Plan”

Peace-of-Mind.htmlThe Life Plan is a step-by-step guide to Peace of Mind. It is my life’s work. Step 1 of The Life Plan, Taking a close look at your personal finances, is much easier than it sounds. There are a number of barriers that keep most people from ever developing a budget. Just the idea of sitting down and going through bank statements or spreadsheets with a calculator and quantifying every aspect of your life monetarily isn’t very appealing to most.

But, if you want to be “smarter than everyone else”, this is an essential step to creating a secure financial future for your family, ensuring you are deploying your resources where they are most important to you, and ultimately achieving financial Peace of Mind.

The Life Plan isn’t a do-it-yourself guide. It’s a road map. Every step of The Life Plan is equipped with a reason for it’s existence and background information on it’s purpose. We also provide direct one-on-one help as you navigate through each step. In Step 1 of The Life Plan, your guide is Dan Osgood. Dan is a Financial Planner in San Diego and a good friend of mine. He has agreed to not only help walk you through the process of creating a budget based on your income, expenses, and priorities, but also give you free access to his expensive software. This software takes all the spreadsheets and bank statements out of the picture. Just plug in your information and boom, graphs, pie-charts, everything you need to develop a budget and see what’s happing with your hard-earned money. This software is not Free, but can be accessed through Dan for Free if you are in The Life Plan.

It’s never been easier to get your financial life in order! Get a Free copy of The Life Plan by clicking HERE.

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