Supreme Court says YES to Gay Marriage in California

Supreme Court ruling on DOMATwo huge decisions by the Supreme Court today in favor of gay marriage and gay rights. The first decision, to eliminate a portion of The Defense of Marriage Act, which denied federal benefits to legally married gay couples. The second decision upheld the findings of a district court that Proposition 8, which eliminated gay marriage in the state of California, was unconstitutional. Read the full article here.

Based on these two decisions, gay couples can once again marry one another in the state of California. Also, any gay couples legally married will now have the same benefits as any other couple legally married in the United States.

I’m not religious nor do I believe marriage is a good idea for anyone, so I think I have the proper perspective to say this is a righteous decision. Although it’s been proven over and over that “getting married” doesn’t help a relationship or family whatsoever if you remove the small financial incentives, it’s every person’s right to do what they want as long as they are not stepping on anyone else’s rights. I have never understood how anyone could argue that two people “getting married” was ever stepping on someone else’s rights.

The real issue here is simple communication. The word “marriage” is what causes all the problems. Person A has a very specific definition of what marriage means to them and Person B has a completely different definition. When Federal law references a term so widely interpreted, it causes problems.

Of course, if there were true Separation of Church and State, then there wouldn’t be a benefit allotted to people who excercise a certain act only recognized by the Church. I think that’s where the Supreme Court was coming from with today’s findings. If you remove the religious aspect from the word “marriage”, then it is unconstitutional to say that Person A can marry Person B, but Person C can’t marry Person D.

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