Is Facebook giving YOUR information to the Government?

Facebook gives your information to the GovernmentWhat if Facebook is giving your information to the Government? Would you not use it any more? Would you change the way you use Facebook? The recent situation involving NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has brought many things to light we might have otherwise not known. One thing that sticks out to me is how much digging the Federal Government is doing to retrieve information about a given citizen they might have in their crosshairs…

In recent weeks we have seen the Government seize all of Google’s customer data.

We know the Government is keeping track of certain aspects of all communications done through Verizon.

We have now learned that Microsoft and Facebook are in the mix as well. In the past 6 months Facebook has received 10,000 requests from the NSA to reveal private customer data and Microsoft has received 6,000 or more. These requests involved more than 18,000 different customer accounts at Facebook and more than 31,000 accounts at Microsoft. Read the full story here.

My only purpose with this article is to make you aware of how BIG this situation is… If the Government is processing that much information, this isn’t a small project. This isn’t a few guys in a basement somewhere chasing down a few high-value targets. There are thousands of individuals being watched and monitored every single day, which means this operation is enormous. How big can it get? Will they not stop until every person’s every move is being monitored?

Based on some of the things Edward Snowden has said, he could take down the entire US surveillance operations in an afternoon. How much are we relying on this or is it that important? Do you feel comfortable with the Government being this empowered or do you feel it’s time for a little less Government and a little more Freedom???

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