How to get your offer accepted in a Seller’s Market

Home-CheckUnderstanding how to get your offer accepted in a Seller’s Market is incredibly valuable information. Without a doubt, the #1 complaint I hear about the San Diego Real Estate market today – “I can’t get my offer accepted”. With only 1.5 months worth of inventory for sale, it’s easy to understand why. You really need to STAND OUT in the crowd of other offers every home-seller is going to see…But how?

Voltaire Lepe, a Real Estate Agent in San Diego, created a reference guide called “7 Secrets to get your offer accepted and Beat out All other Buyers without paying the highest price!“. As an Agent who has had as many as 40 listings in the past, Voltaire used the knowledge he acquired as a Listing Agent to create this process for Homebuyers and it’s been working like Magic! I really believe every home buyer in the San Diego Real Estate Market can benefit from this knowledge.

#1 – Increase your earnest money deposit.

#2 – Hand deliver your offer to the Seller.

#3 – Shorten ALL time periods and contingencies.

#4 – Have your complete approval package ready for the Seller’s qualifying Lender.

#5 – Send your offer within the first 24 hours of the property being listed and with “wet” signatures.

#6 – Write a “love letter” to the Seller.

#7 – Be persistent with your real estate journey.

To get a copy of the Guide and all the details of each Secret, contact Voltaire directly at 619.300.9675.

The secret in his sauce is pretty simple – be different than everyone else…and it’s working. He takes every step of the offer/counter-offer process and helps a home-buyer stand out so their offer is more likely for consideration in the early phases and therefore more likely to be around for final consideration by the Seller. This is really fantastic stuff for Home Buyers in San Diego!

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  1. great show today it still a buyers market over $2,000,000 10 sellers to one buyer Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 21:47:03 +0000 To:

  2. Probably true Mike, but not that big of a part of the market. Other thing with those listings is the Sellers are usually not willing to budge! 🙂

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