The BEST way to deal with stress

DSC03532It’s called “reaching for SODA“. Of course, I’m not talking about a Coke! Yesterday, we had a very special guest on the show, Davidji. David is the former Dean of the Chopra Center University who now travels the world teaching people about the art of meditation, how to deal with stress, and have a more nourishing and positive existence. We did a LIVE meditation today for the first time in ESPN Radio 1700AM history!

One of Davidji’s methods for dealing with stress is what he calls “reaching for SODA“.
S = Stop. As soon as you notice that you are tensing up, becoming angry or clenching your teeth, just stop. Think SODA and just pause for a moment.
O = Observe. Pretend you are a camera looking down on what you’re doing right now. From a third party perspective, how do you look? Is this the way you want to look? Observe yourself in this moment from that perspective.
D = Detach. Take a step away from whatever is giving you this feeling. If it’s a person, give yourself a few extra inches. If it’s a phone call, pull the phone away from your ear a little. If it’s an electronic device, set it down and step back.
A = Awaken. After taking this moment, observing from a different perspective and detaching yourself a little from the problem, it’s time to awaken to the best you. Be the BEST YOU when you are now ready to deal with the situation. How would the BEST YOU handle it?

Listen to the entire podcast of the show here: 

Videos from today’s LIVE broadcast with Davidji.

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