How to Short Sale your home the easy way…

how to short saleDon’t get me wrong, there is nothing easy about a short sale. However, if you know what to expect, who to work with and how to “play the game”, the process can be a lot easier on you and your family.

There are certain things we can expect in almost every case:
– The bank will likely mess something up at some point
– The contract will have to be approved by the Seller, but the Banks approval letter holds the final say on everything
– The kind of loan you have DOES matter and can speed up or slow down the process
– It’s very normal for the bank to request updated financials, so have them ready
– Tax liens and Title issues will cost additional time to clear up

Fortunately for us, we have access to a Bank Negotiator in San Diego who works nationwide. Her name is Bekah Stone and she is regularly on the show. Bekah doesn’t charge consumers anything and she has pledged her time to working with our radio listeners and friends free of charge. It’s convenient to have someone so easy to access who has all the answers about short sales!

The moral of the story is this…Expect the major things that could go wrong and if they don’t, then you’ll be pleased. That’s a much wiser approach than expecting everything to run smoothly and being frustrated by every bump in the road. It may be a bumpy road, but it’s a road to financial freedom for many.

Other topics discussed on today’s show:
– Why are we allowing ourselves to be held hostage by Visa and MasterCard?
– The next $500 cash give-away will be at our June 14th Event
– The 6 worst things you could have on your credit report and what to do about it

Today’s On-Air Experts:
Bekah Stone, Bank Negotiator with the Loss Mitigation NetworkShort Sale Expert
Mike WatsonSan Diego Credit Repair Specialist a/k/a “Credit Repair Mike

Listen to today’s show here:

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