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how to protect your kidsI had no idea what I was doing every time a photo of my daughter was uploaded to the internet. There is a technology in our phones and cameras that is designed to be a luxury, but is unfortunately giving Predators all the information they need to get to our children. Watch the investigative report here.

Every time you take a photo with a camera or smart phone, there is a code attached to the picture. The code literally tells the latitude and longitude of where the picture was taken. So here we are, taking pictures of our children at the park, uploading the pictures to Facebook or Instagram and going about our merry way. Most of us have no idea those pictures, which can be found online publicly in several places, also have the exact location attached! Predators hip to this technology not only know what our children look like, but also know exactly where they are in real time. I can’t think of anything more scary…

One of the potential solutions to keeping a close eye on your children’s whereabouts, a personal gps tracker from PocketFinder. We gave away two of these today on the radio show and had dozens of calls for the free offer. You can still get a special deal by calling 866.726.7543 until June 5th with the promo code ESPNSD. These products allow you to see, in real time, where your child or pet is, so you can have a better understanding of what they might be doing. You can also establish “safe zones”, so you are notified any time your child or pet leaves that safe zone with a text or email or both. It’s so cheap now to use this technology that everyone should own one or two. Even if it’s just for your valuables or vehicles…

Other topics discussed on today’s program:
– Are you loyal to your own beliefs?
– What’s the worst-case for FNMA?
– The future of technology is 3D printing
– Should your mortgage be sold without your permission?

Today’s On-Air Guests:
Jon Jerotz, VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate and San Diego Mortgage Expert
Jamie Bogle with PocketFinder.com

Listen to today’s show here:

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