The TRUTH about gun violence in America…

gun_control030413If you just looked at the priority list at the White House, you might think that gun violence in America was spiraling out of control. However, a close look at the factual data reveals something different from what we’ve been hearing in the mainstream media. This article from the LA TIMES details what has really taken place over the past 15-20 years in America with regard to gun violence.

The TRUTH is, gun killings decreased by 39% from 1993-2011.

The TRUTH is, non-fatal gun crimes decreased by 69% in the same period.

The TRUTH is, guns still remain the number 1 murder weapon in the United States.

I think too many people focus on the 3rd fact and disregard the first 2. The facts point to a clear conclusion…whatever we have been doing the past 20 years is working! Whether you believe in gun ownership or not, you deserve to know the facts. Especially when the mainstream media isn’t delivering it. As of right now,  it is still your right to own a gun and I personally exercise that right. Whether you do or not, is 100% up to you.

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