How do you sell a home without a realtor?

for-sale-by-owner-signJeff Campbell, a San Diego Real Estate Agent, came on the radio show to tell us “You don’t need me to sell your home…” Of course, Campbell wasn’t saying his services were over-priced or unneeded, he was just making a very simple point we all tend to forget. In any service-based business, you never “need” the service-provider. Choosing to use their services is only a function of the value of the service they provide in the eyes of the consumer purchasing those services.

For example, you could pull your own tooth out, manage your own money and even move all your things all by yourself, but is it worth it? Everyone hates moving so most people hire movers. No one wants to pull their own tooth out, so we use a Dentist. Weighing the pros and cons in every circumstance will almost always boil down to time and expertise, but there is ONE more item to consider as well. Check out the podcast below for details.

Other topics discussed on today’s program:
– So, when will rates go up?
– Creating a budget and why we do it, Step 1 and 2 of The Life Plan
– Your mortgage questions for JJ in the Ask Mr. Credit Inbox

Today’s On-Air Experts:
Jon Jerotz, VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate and San Diego Mortgage Expert
Dan OsgoodFinancial Planner in San Diego and author
Jeff Campbell, owner of Jeff Campbell & Associates or “JCA” and highly regarded San Diego Real Estate Agent

Listen to the show here: 

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