Today’s Twitter incident shows you just how fragile the Stock Market can be…

originalToday, the Associated Press Twitter account (@AP) was hacked. The tweet read “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured”. Over the course of the next 3-4 minutes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 130 points! The trajectory was incredible. Of course, that all turned out not to be true, but it exposed this market for it’s fragility.

Just another example of why it’s so important to know what you own, how much it’s costing you and how much risk you have on the table. You can find out all at I don’t want you to become a financial victim of the next Terror attack. Take a look at the chart below showing the massive drop in just minutes.


Other topics covered on today’s show:
– The one WAR that will never end… Civility vs. Anarchy
– How to properly structure owning more than one business to eliminate liability
– 1031 exchanges seem to be good for your heirs, but what about you?

Today’s On-Air Guests:
Jarod Cauzza, San Diego Business and Trust Attorney with Neil-Dymott
Mike Bendix, Real Estate Securities and 1031 Exchange Expert with

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