One word that could change your life.

one-word-onlyStress is not the word, but it is the problem. 77% of people in the US experience regular physical symptoms as a result of stress. 73% experience regular psychological symptoms as a result of stress. Its the biggest problem we commonly have as human beings. Source: Read more stress stats here. I have been on a personal journey to find the solution to stress for 11 years and never made a dent until now… It’s one word. Just one little word, deeply planted in our brains, that simply gives us the wrong perspective about almost every single thing we do.

For example, when you GET to do something, it’s usually not stressful right? In fact, its usually something fun:
– I GET to go on vacation.
– I GET to play golf.
– I GET to eat ice cream.

We almost always enjoy the things we GET to do. It’s the things we HAVE to do that stress us out!
– I HAVE to clean the house.
– I HAVE to go to work.
– I HAVE to take the kids to soccer practice.

What if there was a way to use our knowledge of these words to change everything? What if you could take the HAVE and turn it in to GET? You can turn your Stress into Joy!
– I GET to clean the house. I have a house! Man, it sure is nice to have a roof over my head and a place to call home.
– I GET to go to work. I have a job! There is a Company that pays me for my time. Pretty awesome!
– I GET to take the kids to soccer practice. I get to watch my children have fun, playing a sport, all of which made possible by my efforts and desire to provide for them. Isn’t life great? Isn’t American amazing?

Change your HAVEs to GETs and let me know how it goes. It has been absolutely life-changing for me.

Other topics discussed on today’s Radio Show:
FHA 203k loans in San Diego. Do they make sense for this market?
– Are home-flippers good or bad for the real estate market in San Diego?
– Home improvements are dangerous investments of your hard earned money.
– Today was an “inbox” day, so we answered a lot of questions via email.

Today’s On-Air Guest:
Jon Jerotz or “JJ” as I call him, VP of Mortgage Lending for Guaranteed Rate and San Diego Mortgage Expert

Listen to today’s Radio Show here:

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