IRS Employees caught stealing MORE than just your hard-earned money.

IRS-Thief-Computer24 current and former IRS Employees are being charged with defrauding the Government and the American people according to Federal Prosecutors. They are being charged with illegally receiving benefits including: unemployment insurance payments, food stamps, welfare, and even housing vouchers.

So, they basically lied about how much they were making, but not just to avoid paying taxes…That wasn’t enough. These folks went to the extent of applying for and receiving Government aid as a result of their falsely reported incomes!

They probably didn’t even feel like they were doing anything wrong. I mean, after years of stealing money from the American people as an employee of the IRS, I imagine you get pretty numb to it…Read the full story here.

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Today’s On-Air Guests:
Jeff Kahn, Board Certified Tax Attorney in San Diego with
Mike Bendix, Real Estate Securities Expert with

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