There’s only ONE thing to do when you mess up…

sorryToday, I made a huge mistake. I make mistakes and mess things up just as much as anybody else, but today was a big one. Our Event in UTC where I revealed all my Credit-scoring secrets was today and I didn’t find out until afterward that I had put the wrong address on the flyer. It’s 100% my fault and my responsibility and I will “own it”, which is the only thing you CAN do when you mess up. But, that doesn’t change how bad I feel for the people who went to the wrong address and ultimately didn’t get the great information today.

All I can say is, I’m truly sorry and I plan to do everything I possibly can to make it up to you.

Topics covered on Today’s Radio Show:
– Why Apple, Inc. is important to you whether you know it or not.
– What some of the most respected Market-predictors are saying about Stocks
– Internet security: what IS and IS NOT safe to do with your vital info

Today’s On-Air Guests:
Dan Osgood, San Diego Financial Planner with
Ben Mason, Internet and Website Expert with

Listen to the Show here:

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  1. OK…so, what are you going to do about it?

    My husband and I found ourselves in the parking garage with 2 other couples walking around trying to find the building. We went into nearby addresses inquiring about YOU and the address. Oh, by the way….I did try the basics…..calling you on the phone number on your website. I left a VM and still not receive a call back!

    I’m am an experienced Realtor and was really interest in your presentation….I have non-smoking ALK Lung Cancer and not a big producer in the last 2.5 years, but have a lot of agents who respect me and stay in contact. I share my excitement about this seminar…they were really surprised about my excitement. One of an agents from Jim Burns office, they advised me you are a really great guy with a great personality and thought I would really enjoy it.

    Making the mistake and owning it is one thing…following up is another. You have NOT return your calls from 1:25 this afternoon. Big Double disappointment….credit reports are important….but, customer service bigger!


    Kimbra Sellers

    CA DRE License #01241249

    Coldwell Banker Residential

    (858) SEL-LERS (735-5377)

  2. Very sorry, Kimbra. I would have returned your call if I had known what happened. No one told me about it until afterward. At 1:25, we were getting ready to get started and I wasn’t able to tend to my phone. No excuses from me, it’s my fault. I was not planning to do this presentation again until next year and I’m going to do it within the next couple weeks to try and make up for it. I hope you’ll come check it out. You deserve to know this information, so don’t keep it from yourself because I screwed up. Details to follow soon. I just need to confirm the venue is open on the day I’d like to do it and we’ll make an announcement. I am really, really sorry! 🙁

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