Congress amends Law behind our backs during Boston Tragedy…

insider trading3While most of us were glued to the TV on Monday, watching the tragedy at the Boston Marathon unfold, Congress was busy amending a law. Not a law to help prevent terrorist attacks or anything related to what was taking place in Boston. This was something completely different.

Last year, The STOCK Act was passed in an effort to help reduce the amount of insider-trading taking place in Washington. They threw Martha Stewart in jail for it, but if your Congressman did it…100% legal. That is, until the STOCK Act. Well, Congress took an opportune time to amend the STOCK Act on Monday while the nation was busy with the Boston Marathon Story.

They can’t pass a budget or make an important fiscal decision, but if it’s something that gives THEM an unfair financial advantage on the rest of us, Members of Congress can quickly put their differences aside. Read the full story for yourself here.

This sickens me in a way I can not explain.  You should read the book called “Throw them ALL Out” by Peter Schweizer if you want to know what really goes on behind closed doors in Washington. He details the trades made by different members of Congress based on insider information and how much they profited. Bring two barf-bags if you decide to read it.

Other topics covered on today’s show:
– Baby Boomers dealing with housing decisions in San Diego. What do we do next?
– The Truth about the Banks and Credit Bureaus & how to take advantage of it
– What’s happening with GOLD and the Stock Market in general?

Today’s On-Air Guests:
Mike Watson, San Diego Credit Repair Expert with
Kevin Hall, San Diego Real Estate Expert and Gary Kent’s right-hand man with Keller Williams

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