Looking on the Bright-side in Boston…

APphoto_APTOPIX Boston Marathon-ExplosionsOne thing we all know… Freedom isn’t FREE. Reminders seem to come all too often these days. After the Sandy Hook tragedy, I was truly taken back and unsure of how to act or react about the safety of my daughter. Yesterday, multiple bombs went off near the finish line at the Boston Marathon killing 3 people and injuring at least 150. Turn on a TV and you will see videos of the bombs going off, an older man falling to the pavement and mass confusion ensuing.

I feel terrible for all the victims and their families and I don’t want to be a blind-optimist here, but I see something important within this tragic event. I see total strangers running TOWARD the blast, doing everything they can to help those in need. I see people with no military, tactical, or medical training removing their own clothes and holding wounds together, similar to a Medic on a battlefield. I see Americans doing what Americans DO… Rising to the occasion without hesitation.

I have to be honest, in recent years, I have begun to question the toughness of America. I have started to believe that we are becoming mentally weak and spoiled by Television and video games. What happened in Boston is glaring proof that I was wrong. I was wrong to doubt our toughness and I was wrong to question our compassion.

We have to take this tragedy and really look at the results. Only 3 fatalities when there are over 150 injuries from a bomb that was detonated in a civilian area… Don’t think it was just “luck” that allowed so many to survive. Don’t think they placed the bombs in fortunate locations or didn’t have the intent to kill. They did. But, the damage was minimized drastically by the heroic efforts of many strong, courageous Americans.

You will always be able to say, “it could have been worse”, but in this case, that would be a drastic understatement. I don’t consider it a WIN, but I will hold my head high and be proud of the great people of this nation.

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Jarod Cauzza, San Diego Trust Attorney with Neil Dymott Attorneys.
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