Our 3 Year Anniversary Show Today!

IMG_4544Today marked the 3 year anniversary of The Lunch Hour with Mr. Credit on ESPN 1700AM here in San Diego. We had a LOT going on today:
– It’s April 15th (Tax Day)
– The Stock Market had it’s worst day in months
– There were two bombs detonated at the Boston Marathon
– We gave away $500 CASH along with other prizes totaling $1520

It was an action-packed, 2 hour special broadcast. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our Anniversary than to give away over $1500 worth in Cash and prizes!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has participated to make our Radio Program possible. Especially the Trusted Professionals I have on the Air, who change lives every day by providing the information to help people make the best financial and legal decisions for their families.

Congratulations to Tripp, Ali, and Steve, who all won prizes today and a special Congrats goes out to Vanessa, a 21-year old Nurse’s Assistant who won $500 CASH! Her insurance was so expensive she couldn’t afford it and has been driving around without insurance, but not any more 🙂

Other Topics covered today:
– Tragedy at the Boston Marathon; We were getting the information real-time, as it was happening.
– Mortgage Strategy and why we may have seen the low in interest rates. It’s only higher from here.
Avoiding foreclosure in San Diego with a Loan Modification or Short Sale. Everything the Bank doesn’t want you to know.

Today’s On-Air Guests for this 2 Hour Special:
Jon Jertoz, San Diego Mortgage Expert with Guaranteed Rate of San Diego
Bekah Stone, Bank Negotiator, Loan Modification and Short Sale Expert in San Diego, with the Loss Mitigation Network

First Hour of the Show
Second Hour of the Show – 

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