Your 401K and it’s hidden fees are robbing you blind.

401kA lot of Employer-run 401k plans are a serious money-drain. Sad part is, most people don’t know what fees they’re paying to their 401k funds just for having their money invested. Don’t get me wrong, using a 401k plan can be brilliant, especially if the employer matches. But, many 401k plans we see are absolutely loaded with fees. These hidden fees can really add up over time.

In a recent study by FutureAdvisor, it was determined that a normal, two-income household would pay over $150,000 over their lifetime in 401k fees. Are you kidding me? For what? These 401k plans are usually have limited investment options and very few are actively managed. What a joke!

If you have a 401k through work and you can’t tell me what the fees are, then you should immediately get a Free Investment Audit. The fees charged on these 401k plans are “baked into the cake”. You don’t get a bill or invoice every month for the charges, they just take it out of your investment account! The fees are tied into the funds you have to choose from so there is very little disclosure or awareness on the side of the individual investor.

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Today’s On-Air Guests:
Dan Osgood, Financial Planner in San Diego and author at
Jon Jerotz, Vice President of Mortgage Lending with Guaranteed Rate and a San Diego Mortgage Expert

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