The Best part about having Bad Credit…

good-newsMost people in the United States have less than perfect credit scores. Unfortunately, for many of those people, it causes them to shove their financial heads in the sand. As if having a good credit score is Chapter 1 and you can’t go to Chapter 2 until Chapter 1 is done. Luckily, your Financial Life doesn’t have to work that way. Of course, having a bad credit score can cost you dearly if you’re getting a home mortgage or buying a car, but there are plenty of things you can do to get your financial life in order regardless of your credit score…

No matter what your credit scores are, you can:
– Set up an Estate Plan
– Create a Financial Plan and Retirement Strategy
– Get Long Term Care Insurance to protect your Portfolio
– Generate a Tax Planning strategy to minimize tax liability
– Incorporate your business to minimize liability and taxes
– Create a budget to encourage Financial strength in the short-term and freedom in the long-run

Of course, if you can have your cake and eat it too, why not? Anyone can get affordable, full-service Credit Repair in San Diego these days through

Other topics discussed on today’s show:
– The dog that bit me and why it’s owner needs to be careful
– Why 11th hour changes to your Life plan can cause serious problems
– A local company that is hiring and seeing success at every turn and how you can join them

Today’s On-Air Guests:
Jarod Cauzza, Estate Lawyer in San Diego and my personal Attorney with Neil-Dymott.
Mike Watson, United Credit Education Services and Credit Repair Expert in San Diego.

Mr Credit Radio Show PODCAST for 4-09-13

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