Own a home. Retire early. Be smarter than everyone else. It’s NOT “luck”.

einsteinDid you create a plan to get where you are today or did it happen by chance? Is it your desire for your own success or failure to be determined by something other than your own efforts and hard work?

You can be way ahead of everyone else if you have a specific plan about where you want to be 5 years from now. If you identify and target a specific set of goals, then you will become a self-fulling prophecy. All it takes is commitment to those goals and a daily effort to get a little bit closer to them. That’s it!

Otherwise, you are just flapping around in the wind like everyone else. Early retirement, homeownership, and financial security are things you will likely know nothing about. It can be difficult to think about saving for retirement or buying a home when you are already riddled with debt and just trying to make ends meet. However, there is ALWAYS a way…

Today, we had William McDonald with McDonald Legal Group in the studio to give us several strategies for becoming debt-free quickly, so we can start working toward our Life Plan and goals associated with the things we want the most.

Other topics discussed today included:
– How to delete your credit card debt
– How to use Bankruptcy to eliminate debts including the amount you are upside down on your car loan
– How to use Bankruptcy to delete your second mortgage and stay in your home
– The smartest way to do a short sale or foreclosure and not expose yourself financially

Mr Credit Radio Show 1st Hour 4-01-13

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