Do Credit Repair Services really work?

repair-creditDo seat-belts work? I’m not trying to be bugger or anything, but I think it helps illustrate the point. Nothing works ALL the time.  So, if you’re going to enroll in a program like Credit Repair Services, Credit Counseling, or Debt Settlement, it’s important to have yourself covered in every direction. All programs can work some of the time, but the question you need to ask is, “what happens if it doesn’t work for me?”

This is one of the many reasons why I recommend United Credit Education Services for people who want Credit Repair Services. Not only is the cost incredibly low ($499 per person), but they have a Money-Back Guarantee as well. This is a non-profit organization that does Credit Repair the right way. Amazingly, for the next 3 days, they have offered our listeners an unbelievable deal of only $399 per person! An even lower price than they already charge and I was just flabbergasted when I heard about this. Take advantage or pass it on to someone you know as this deal certainly won’t come around again. You have to call before this Saturday to save the extra $100. 1.800.525.1349

Other topics covered on today’s show:
– The real reason why we don’t like ObamaCare
– How you can come back from any poor financial circumstance
– What the Insurance carriers are looking at now to determine your premium
– How people in Fire Zones can help reduce their insurance costs

On-Air Guests today:
Dale Guiducci, Credit Repair Expert with United Credit Education Services

Carlos Kremer, Insurance Expert with Kremer Insurance

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