Obama Care Expert Reveals All…

obamacare-logo_fullI’ve been searching far and wide for an Obama Care Expert for quite some time now. The Affordable Care Act aka Obama Care is now 3 years old and we are still learning new things about it every single day. Well, on today’s show, we discussed it in detail and opened our phone lines for the first time in many weeks. Amazingly, we had a Certified Obama Care Expert call into the show! Most people don’t care about this subject because it hasn’t hit them in the wallet yet, but mark my words… This Law will do the exact opposite of what they claim. It’s going to cause Employers to drop coverage for their employees, make health care unaffordable for almost all of the middle class, cause paperwork nightmares for those who can’t afford their own insurance and leave even more people without health care than ever before.

Here is the article we addressed – I highly encourage you to read it.

Other Topics discussed on today’s program:
– How do you prepare for a dramatic increase in health care
– How much cushion should you put in your health care costs allocation of your portfolio
– What are some of the ways that the average person will be affected by Obama Care

Today’s On-Air Guests:
Jim McFall, Partner, Neil-Dymott Attorneys

Dan Osgood, Financial Planner in San Diego, author at FreeInvestmentAudit.com

Mr Credit Radio Show Podcast 3-26-13

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