A simple answer to why the Government doesn’t care…

Jack Lew and Obama

Jack Lew and Barack Obama

Politicians lie through their teeth. Everybody knows that. However, Politicians are not the only Government employees who have an effect on America’s well-being. So, where is the motivation for them to help the average person in America? Well, that’s the problem… No one who works for the Government IS the average person in America! They have better pay, more vacation, shorter hours, health care and way better retirement packages. Heck, they HAVE a retirement package!!!

It’s cause for concern when you hear Government employees, like Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, say he’s “not worried right now” about the Stock Market when asked if he had “any concern at all about the Stock Market making record highs with no growth in the economy…”

Let’s think about this; what would cause Jack Lew to be worried? He’s got a fat salary, a cushy job with a Wall Street firm in his future, incredible amounts of power in the meantime, and a nice government retirement package to boot. Yep. He has healthcare too.  Life’s not so bad if you’re Jack Lew, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t have a worry in the world either.

It reminds me of what we heard from the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac CEO’s when their companies were crumbling right beneath them. They consistently fed lines to shareholders that everything was ok. My uncle lost a fortune on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stock. He was financially-forced to un-retire during a recession because of it. Don’t worry. He persevered and CRUSHED it. He’s the man.

The simple answer is, Government employees often forget about their professional responsibility when addressing the media. They just naturally answer with their own personal feelings. This explains why they are so overly-positive all the time.

I prefer the Truth.

It is your duty to worry about the American people at ALL times. Not just when things get tough. So, Mr. Lew, you need to be worried about it. You ALWAYS need to be worried about what’s around the corner for the American people. It’s your JOB.

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Mr Credit Radio Show Podcast 3-15-13

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