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bigmacYou would be hard-pressed to find a company more efficient than McDonalds. Although I don’t eat there and despise many aspects in which the Company exists and operates, there is one thing McDonalds is really good for in my opinion… Determining REAL inflation. The Big-Mac index, or the cost of a Big-Mac in comparison to previous times or in comparison with other countries is a great gauge on everything that inflation should be measuring: cost of real estate, labor, raw food items, meat, printing, you name it. According to this story, our real inflation number is between 6% and 10% and I have to agree. It’s nowhere near the 2.5% the Fed and Ben Bernanke would have you believe.

Would you take a job if it were only a 4 year gig? We ask a lot of people in our Government to do this on a regular basis. Is it any surprise that they do such a poor job? Most of these positions require a tremendous amount of time and effort before results can occur. If you were being hired for a job that you knew was only going to last 4 years, is it safe to say that you’d be thinking a lot about what you were going to do afterward WHILE you were still doing that job? This is the reason we have a revolving door between the Government and Congress. It’s the backbone of the Wall Street and big Corporation favorite-playing that takes place in our Government on a daily basis.  Read the story HERE about the new nominee for head of the SEC, which is responsible for over-seeing what is essentially all the wealth in the world, but certainly the majority of retirement money in America.

If you like that, then you should also read this one, which details how Congress has created a pretty decent retirement package for themselves. Do they deserve it?

Topics covered today:
– New trend in the San Diego Real Estate market
– What is happening to home values and why it’s a great time to sell
– How the big Mutual Fund companies use math to trick you into buying their mutual funds & how to avoid it
– What you should actually look for when choosing a retirement investment

In-Studio Guests:
Dan Osgood, San Diego Financial Planner with DCO Wealth Management and

Gregory Schwab, San Diego Real Estate Expert with Keller Williams in La Mesa.

Mr Credit Radio Show Podcast 3-13-13

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