AIG sues the Government that bailed them out and gets “Class-Action” status from a Federal Judge. Unbelievable!

aig-bailoutWhich is more greedy?
A. Bailing out a Company that could have been left for dead and completely decimated, but making a decent profit for your investment. (The US made $15 Billion on the $180 Billion investment in AIG or about 8%)
B. Suing the Government that bailed you out and effectively, all of it’s Citizens, because they “made too much money” from the Bailout?

If you answered “B”, then you agree  with me, that this is completely bogus and totally absurd. Hank Greenberg and the rest of those schmucks should be ashamed of themselves! You are not Patriots. You are not the thankful and humble people you should be. You are greedy, ungrateful bastards and now everyone knows it! Click HERE to read the full story.

Other topics covered on today’s program:
– How the dispute process works when challenging items on your credit report
– How to be effective when trying to repair your credit report
– A very smart thing to do with your tax refund
– Pre-nuptial agreements and how you can use them so everyone wins
– Creating a Life Plan, the essential item needed to ensure you are always in control of your life

Today’s in-studio guests:
Dale Guiducci, San Diego Credit Expert with United Credit Education Services non-profit

Jarod Cauzza, San Diego Estate Planning Lawyer with Neil-Dymott Attorneys. Jarod is also my personal attorney.

Mr Credit Radio Show Podcast 3-12-13

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