How bad is the debt of the US?

TaxesAll I can say is WOW. Every time I have Steve Bick on the show, I learn so much about what is happening in the financial markets and more importantly, what it’s going to take to correct the damage that’s been done. How much financial danger are we in as a country? You simply MUST listen to the entire podcast. You will be smarter than everyone you know afterward.

Steve talked about how the printing of money affects GDP and how that creates more inflationary pressure. Also, the Government has done well to keep rates low, but are they ultimately going to be able to control it long enough to keep things moving before the REAL market kicks in?

Today, I gave my solution to removing income tax and replacing it with a National Sales Tax. It’s amazing how good this theory sounds, but wait until you hear the back and forth with Steve and myself. What do you think about the idea now?

Mr Credit Radio Show Podcast Special with Steve Bick

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