What will help the US Economy?

The-U.S.-Government-Giving-Money-To-People-To-Help-Them-Pay-Their-MortgagesThe Economy will not pick up until there is at least SOME stable, fiscal policies in our Government. It’s “fear of the unknown” that keeps small and medium business owners from taking any risk in hiring or expanding their businesses. When we have things like the Fiscal Cliff, Sequestration, Obama Care, and other financial uncertainty as a Country, it’s perfectly normal and understandable to expect people to Freeze. Wait and see what happens. See what shakes out. Meanwhile, people are out of work and everything becomes stagnant.

The solution here is simple. Washington needs to make some solid, long-term fiscal decisions instead of all this last-second, save us from disaster for the next few months crap! Can you blame Companies and Business Owners for being scared of all the uncertainty?

In studio today:
Bruce McPherson, San Diego Reverse Mortgage specialist with Security One Lending.

Jose Aspericueta, San Diego Real Estate Agent with Bahia Real Estate.

We discussed several great topics today including:
– How much real estate has appreciate in the South Bay. Incredible numbers.
– Which Bank performed the best under the Stress Tests.
– How to use a Reverse Mortgage, even if you don’t want to take out a loan on your home.
– The cancellation of Long Term Care policies in California by Genworth Financial and how you better take advantage of this type of insurance while it lasts.

Mr Credit Radio Show Podcast 3-8-13

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