Can a Real Estate Agent represent the Buyer and Seller in a transaction without a conflict?

Globella Buyers RealtyIn my opinion, the answer is NO. How could it be possible to represent both sides of any transaction without a conflict? The buyer is trying to get the lowest price with the most features/extras and the seller is trying to get the highest price with as little ad-ons as possible! There is no way that anyone could 100% represent both of those objectives in a single transaction of any kind…  Justin Gramm, Broker and Owner of Globella Buyers Realty, joined me in the studio today. He is a Buyers-ONLY San Diego Real Estate Agent. There are very few Agents that practice this way and I wanted to get a look inside his reasoning for making such a choice along with getting the inside scoop on what is really happening with Buyers in today’s market. Are all the inventory rumors true? Is it really that tough to buy a home? Are investors still pillaging the inventory?

Listen to the show Podcast here:
Mr Credit Radio Show Podcast 3-6-13

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