The Stock Market closed at an All-Time High today… But why?

Stock Market Record HighIt must have been what Warren Buffet said in this article, because it’s hard to find a good reason why the Stock Market would have set a record high in the Dow Jones Industrial Average today (14,253). We shouldn’t be setting record highs just because it’s a Tuesday! Typically, we’d be flooded with excitement on a day like this, which is why I’m cautious. After gaining 16% all of last year, we’re up almost 10%  already for this year! Can You believe it? A day for record highs in the Stock Market on absolutely no positive financial news. If you ever needed “evidence” the Stock Market is being manipulated, it doesn’t get more blatant than today… Are you comfortable investing in a Market that’s being manipulated in ways you can’t possibly understand? Buckle up, Folks. Time to diversify and protect your portfolio. Today, we talked about several ways to diversify your investments in Commercial Real Estate and escape the ups and downs of the Stock Market.

In-Studio Guests Today:
Jarod Cauzza, San Diego Estate Attorney with Neil-Dymott. Jarod is my Attorney and a great resource for business owners and the Family Man out there like myself.

Mike Bendix, Commercial Real Estate Investing Specialist with Mike is the most focused and knowledgable person I know about how to invest wisely in Securitized Commercial Real Estate.

Radio Show Podcast for 3-5-13

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