The best Real Estate offer we’ve ever had on the show… Unbelievable!

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Joe Mendoza, of KatCam Real Estate here in San Diego, made an unprecedented offer to our listeners today. For anyone buying or selling real estate in San Diego county this year, Joe will give you a 1% cash credit at the time of closing. If you’re selling a $500,000 property, that’s $5,000! We’ve had real estate agents give away $500 or other services like staging and things like that, but never had such a generous offer before. AMAZING! If you or someone you know is going to buy or sell Real Estate this year in San Diego, tell them to call the Help Line and ask for the Joe Mendoza special. 1-888-888-0154

Also in studio today:

Jon Jerotz, Vice President of Mortgage Lending with Guaranteed Rate and our San Diego Mortgage Expert.

Dale Guiducci, San Diego Credit Repair Expert, from

Today we talked a lot about the state of the San Diego Real Estate Market right now, why it’s a good time to sell, but getting close to “too-high, too-fast” to be a great time to buy. We also discussed a number of credit repair secrets and revisited the Equity Reposition mortgage strategy that got so many people in trouble a few years back with these exotic mortgages. Is now the time to consider it if you’re in a mortgage you can afford? Those answers and more in today’s show.

Mr Credit Radio Show 3-4-13

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4 replies

  1. thats a serious offer Joe is making. is the San Diego market that tight. are people not selling cause its such a great area or just waiting for the prices to go up a little more.

  2. Very short of inventory these days. People aren’t selling because they see prices climbing higher two years in a row. Then, you have everyone trying to buy with 3% interest rates. It’s making for quite the frenzy!

  3. As a 16 year Real Estate veteran it is a frenzy and prices are going up fast. Just to give you an idea I had a lisiting that recieved an astonishing return of 72K more than the one that sold a few doors down for 220K that is all in two months. Same floor plan same model same view yet the 220K home had all new upgrades where as mine only had minimal…… the inventory is low and people are willing to pay more for a home than it is actually worth.

    Melissa Huk
    Keller Williams Realty

  4. Do you think that’s a good thing, Melissa? Or is this too much too fast?

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