3 huge Credit Repair secrets revealed…

I don’t think it’s too surprising that I get a lot of questions every day about Credit scoring, how credit works, and of course, the fastest and easiest way to improve a person’s credit score. Since I am not a service provider, I often have people ask me who I recommend as a Credit Repair Service here in San Diego

www.RaiseMyCreditScore.org is the easy answer for three reasons:
#1 – They have a local presence. Actual human beings that work for the Company right here in San Diego! If you’ve ever looked for a Credit Repair company, you know that’s hard to come by.
#2 – They have a flat fee service, so they aren’t trying to take advantage of the people who have a really big mess on their hands. It’s only $499 per person no matter what.
#3 – They are a non-profit company with an A+ BBB rating. That said, if you want to be smarter than everyone else about Credit Repair, watch this video and you will be there 🙂

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