Another hidden tax in Obama Care… Will it ever end?

Another hidden tax in obamacareEven the Companies who continue to provide Health Care for their employees will be taxed per person covered and it starts right away. My attorney’s boss and San Diego Super Lawyer, James McFall with Neil-Dymott, let’s us in on what his firm is facing in trying to provide Health Care for it’s employees. As it turns out, the Firm will be taxed for all the employees and their dependents who are covered by the Firm’s Health Care plan. So, even the Companies that are making Obama Care unnecessary by covering their employees owe an additional tax as a result! This should go in the Dictionary under “Damned if you do and DAMNED if you don’t”!

In Studio Guests today:James McFall, Neil-Dymott Attorneys
Bruce McPherson, San Diego Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Listen to the full show below…

02-26-13 Mr Credit – Full Show

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