Like it or not, ObamaCare is having a very negative and immediate impact on businesses in San Diego…

Obama Care bad for san diego business ownersDozens of CEO’s here in San Diego are facing difficult decisions on a daily basis on how to deal with this abrupt increase in the cost of doing business. With taxes going higher and ObamaCare hitting employers who provide benefits over the head, it’s up to the CEO’s to determine what’s ultimately best for their business, which is their direct responsibility. Some are considering letting people go, cutting the Company provided coverage, or other cost-cutting measures like asking employees to take pay cuts. With only a 48% approval rating today, which is up a lot from past polls, and whether you like it or not, there is no way to spin this as being something “good” for our Country in the short-term and it’s a hail mary pass if you ask me in the long-term.

Today’s in studio guest, Jarod Cauzza, is my personal Estate Attorney and an Associate at Neil-Dymott Attorneys here in San Diego. Jarod is a San Diego Estate Planning Attorney. We also had Jeff Kahn joining us by phone from the Bay Area. Jeff is a San Diego Tax Attorney and the only person I recommend to help you get out of a jam with the IRS here in San Diego or anywhere in the state of California for that matter.

02-19-13 Mr Credit – Full Show

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