Today I cried for the first time in a long time…

No guests in studio today, so I took some time to explain how the stock market is likely to consolidate around the 14,000 level for a few days or even weeks, then continue marching higher. This is a pattern that is pretty typical. If I was trading futures, I would be set to make a killing either way after a consolidation like this. You just set a buy order above and a sell order below and whichever way the market breaks you’re in and making money!

I took some time to explain why the San Diego housing market is NOT in a bubble, although a lot of people think that prices have gone too high too quickly. It’s not and I can prove it.

We also talked about whether or not college athletes should get some form of compensation from the universities they make billions of dollars for AND I had to tell the story about how I cried this morning. I saw something so sad, that I couldn’t help it. Water works all over the place.

02-06-13 Mr Credit – Full Show

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