3 Rules to Live By with FaceBook and Twitter

Rule #1 – Ask, don’t Tell.

There are too many people making declarations all day long on FaceBook and Twitter; I can only think of a few things more annoying. The truth is, unless you’re LaBron James or Kim Kardashian, no one cares what you are doing or what you are thinking every second of the day. However, you can effectively use the same thoughts to create better tweets and posts if you ask questions instead of making a declaration.

Example Post: “Getting my Starbucks and getting the day started.”

Your Following: “Good for you.” & “Who cares?” & “Blah blah blah”

A Better Way: “Have you had your caffeine fix today? @Starbucks”

Your Following: “Mmmmmm… Caffiene… Starbucks…”

Asking a question involves your following because it’s open-ended. When you make a declaration, it stops the thought process in it’s tracks. You’re essentially saying the same thing when using the question format, except you have included your audience in the discussion whereas the declaration is completely self-centered.  When you ask a question, your Following’s mind is open to continue thinking about your post, which will in-turn cause more replies, comments, re-tweets and shares!

Rule #2 – Make it matter.

You are not required to post every hour on the hour. If you’re like me, you can easily tell the difference between someone who is posting ‘just because’ versus someone who is posting because they think you might be interested in what they have to say. Go through your Feed right now and look. It’s really easy to tell. Which person do you want to be?

‘Just because’ Example: “Can’t believe it’s already Wednesday…”

‘You might want this’ Example: “Natural cure for heartburn according to this article. Might be worth a shot if you have heartburn…”

One post is completely empty of thought and content and the other is something that could genuinely help your Following become more knowledgeable or even cure them of an ailment. At least 80%, or 4 out of every 5 posts should be with the thought that your Following ‘might want to know this’. Then the 5th post can be something like the example in Rule #1. It will get a lot more attention since you haven’t diluted your feed with meaningless posts.

Rule #3 – Keep it Positive.

If you catch yourself posting on Twitter or FaceBook about how bad your day is or how awful your week has been, you’re entering a territory of pathetic that only few will ever achieve. Never post anything negative to your feed. No ‘poor me’ posts or ‘FML’. Even your parents will tell you to toughen up. If something is really bothering you or something really bad has happened to you, then it’s likely not appropriate for Social Media.

Instead, wait until you have overcome your sadness or gotten through your problems and report some progress to your following instead. Something encouraging can go a long way!

Bad Example: “Got dumped. Life sucks. Why me? FML”

Good Example: “Last week is OVER. I’m ready to kick butt this week! Are you with me? #LetsDoThis”

Keep it positive and you’ll have a lot less people jumping ship. Remember, it only takes one string of annoying posts for someone to never hear from you again. Give people what they want; this is marketing. Stay positive and encourage others to do the same.

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