San Diego Real Estate Secrets

San Diego Real Estate Secrets

If You own San Diego Real Estate and You want a Free Home Valuation, call the Real Estate Help Line 1.888.951.2929  Find out what Your home is really worth before You make any decisions. Learn what options You have and how to protect Your Credit Score every step of the way.

Do NOT listen to anyone who tells you to just walk away from your home… This is a sure-fire way to destroy Your Credit Score. You can ALWAYS avoid Foreclosure. A Short Sale can save Your Credit Score and your Credit Profile.  Many families that did a Short Sale in San Diego a couple years ago are buying homes again today.  If you have a Foreclosure on your Credit, it could take 4-7 years to be eligible to buy a home again.  Not to mention, You will be charged more money on everything you borrow money for… In this Video, I explain exactly Why you should Short Sale your home vs. letting it go to Foreclosure.

Doing a Short Sale is far better for your overall credit profile than a Foreclosure, but it’s also VERY important to always file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy FIRST if Your plan is to file for Bankruptcy anyway.  If you do the Short Sale first, you might not qualify for the Bankruptcy and that could cause You major stress, significant financial liability, and ultimately a lot of money. Not to mention, it’s better for Your Credit Score!

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