What is the truth about Bankruptcy and your credit score?

The Truth about Bankruptcy and Your Credit Score

The basic steps necessary to go through the process of filing for Bankruptcy in San Diego are outlined in this video. Also, details of who might be a good candidate, how to protect Your Credit Score and exactly how filing would benefit You and/or Your Family. If you only watch one video about San Diego Bankruptcy, this would be the ONE.

The first and most immediate benefit when filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is relief from ALL collection activity, including a Repossession or Foreclosure.

The common Myth that you have to sell all of your possessions for cash before filing for Bankruptcy is completely FALSE. The lion’s share of Consumers will keep all or almost all of their possessions in a Bankruptcy.

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will ultimately delete your unsecured debts. Avoid the Scammers who claim to provide a fresh financial start with a service or business proposition. Use the LAW when seeking Debt-Relief.

The affect on Your Credit Score when filing for Bankruptcy in San Diego: In most cases, shortly after Your discharge, Your Credit Score will be much improved. This is a HUGE secret the Big Banks and Credit Card Companies don’t want you to know about. Find out exactly how this works by watching the video below.

So, what happens after your Bankruptcy has been discharged? The Myth is you have to start all over from Scratch, but the whole purpose of Bankruptcy is to allow you to start FRESH and there is certainly a difference. Remember, Your Credit Score will go higher! Also, ONLY use the Mr. Credit Approved San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer.

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  1. Honestly, I would get a lawyer for the fnowlliog reasons:1) If anything gets screwed up in the paperwork, you won’t be able to file.2) Nothing shuts up a collection agent faster than giving him your attorney’s name and number.A lawyer WILL cost more however, most will take fees in installments. If I remember correctly, I paid $150 for a retainer, then two payments of $300 one before filing and one about 30 days afterwards. Bankruptcy services would have cost me about $300 even.

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