How long can a bad mark hurt my credit score?

The most important thing to understand about bad accounts affecting Your Credit Score… Time is on Your side. The older a bad account gets, the less it affects Your Credit Score in a negative way.

For example, a 30-day late payment on a Credit Card will only hurt You for about 6 months if You know what to do. Many of the people who file for Bankruptcy in San Diego think it will affect their score for 10 years. While it’s true that a Bankruptcy can report to credit for up to 10 years, the damage that’s done by the Public Record will virtually disappear within 2 years.

Focus on the future and the things You can control. If You want to qualify for a San Diego Mortgage, then make sure You are in touch with a Loan Professional way ahead of time. Find out what will be acceptable for Your Credit Score and the items contained on Your Credit Report.

Many people are looking to buy Real Estate in San Diego with interest rates and prices so low. If You can’t qualify because of Your Credit Score, I guarantee You there is a legitimate way to make it happen. It won’t be “over night”, but if You really want to take advantage of the current marketplace, I can help and it’s 100% Free.

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