Never Close a Credit Card Account if You care about Your Credit Score

If You think closing a credit card account is going to make things better for Your Credit Score, think again. You stand to gain absolutely nothing by closing ANY account on Your credit profile. The Credit Scoring model WANTS to see that You have open and “active” accounts. Many people who really need a Credit Repair Service to help them, start by paying off their Collection Accounts and Credit Cards, then closing all the accounts they have open. This is absolutely the worst combination of things You can do to Repair Your Credit. Paying Your credit cards off is fine, but keep them OPEN. Also, You should never pay off a Collection once it’s reporting on Your credit profile. There is no way it can help Your Credit Score go higher and is likely to cause Your credit score to go much lower. In my opinion, this “glitch” in the Scoring Model system is not an accident.

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