Why Your Credit Score is Different with each Credit Bureau…

The Government and Credit Bureaus would love for You to believe that having 3 Credit Bureaus promotes competition and is good for the American Consumer. However, if there were only 1 Credit Bureau, the current system would still have mountains of mistakes. With 3, it’s the biggest “pile of coat-hangers” You could ever imagine. Most likely, You have 3 completely different Credit Reports amongst the 3 Bureaus. Different Scores, different account info, etc. It would be a full-time job to try and manage that. This is why one bank might tell You that Your Credit Score is 656 and another might say 721. It completely depends on what Bureau and method they are using to calculate risk.

However, it’s important that You try, as difficult as it may seem. Email me if You want some Free Advice; I’d love to help. If You are already working to Repair Your Credit Report, then enlist the help of MyCreditSpecialist.com They will help You and won’t charge You anything until the results are delivered! It is ALWAYS a good day to work on helping Your Credit Score.

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