You MUST File a Bankruptcy BEFORE You do a Short Sale

Doing a Short Sale is far better for Your Credit Score than a Foreclosure, but it’s very important to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy before you do a Short Sale or Foreclosure in San Diego. If you don’t, then you might not Qualify for the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which would be incredibly unfortunate. At that point, doing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy might be Your only option, which means You will be “in Bankruptcy” for 3-5 years instead of 3 months!

By filing the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy FIRST, You will eliminate any potential liability you have from the Property. The IRS, the Lenders on Your mortgages, Property Taxes, etc. No one will be able to touch You. Home FREE. If you want a Free Bankruptcy Consultation in San Diego, call the McDonald Legal Group at 858.437.0103 and just mention “Mr. Credit”. If any attention is needed on Your Credit Score, I’m happy to help You as much as I can for Free.

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