Former Bank Employee shares Secrets about Loan Mods, Short Sales

Former Big Bank employee, Jacalyn Blank of Short Sale Solutions in San Diego is Live in studio sharing all the inside Secrets with Mr. Credit about how the Bank views and deals with Loan Modifications and Short Sale approvals. Of course, a Short Sale in San Diego is different from a Short Sale in Las Vegas or anywhere else for that matter… they are ALL different scenarios, but it’s the Nuts and Bolts of how the decision is made, who it’s made by and how it’s effecting people that matters. She also uncovers a SCAM in San Diego Real Estate that is totally unethical and unnerving at the same time. Be very careful about how you chose a Real Estate Agent to work with… Like usual, there is always a better way to protect Your Credit Score when facing a Short Sale or Foreclosure for that matter.

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